Sower is a MIDI editor that looks and works like a step sequencer - but with one difference:
it writes musical notes directly into MIDI clips, without use of any intermediate patterns.

Multi-channel and single-track mode

The plugin has two modes. "Multi-channel mode" lets you work with a number of rows representing different MIDI pitch lines chosen from different tracks. In "single-track mode", there are 128 channels for each pitch of the same single track.

Insert or expand MIDI items automatically

Notes are inserted and deleted by clicking on the grid. If there's no MIDI item on the track at the point of note insertion, then either a new item will be added automatically or the previous one expanded, depending on current settings.

Time resolution, number of bars, triplets

Time resolution of the grid may be changed from 1/4th to 1/128th note. When switching to another musical bar, the resolution may be auto-increased if necessary to show all the bar MIDI notes. You can set the grid to use triplets and set the view to number of bars to 1, 2 , or 4.

Copy and paste bars

Channels may be selected to copy and paste MIDI notes into another location, thus cloning musical bars and auto-inserting/expanding items.

Draw note parameters, quantize and randomize

Pull-out panel with sliders at the bottom lets you adjust note parameters, like in Piano Roll. Plugin has its own quantizer/randomizer.